Thank you for your interest in applying to live at Greenwood at Katy!

In addition to our market rate apartment homes here at Greenwood at Katy, a portion of the apartment homes in our community have been reserved for moderate to middle income, critical workforce such as teachers, nurses, first responders, City of Katy and Harris County staff, and other workers.  The essential housing at Greenwood enables these essential workers to live in the community where they work, avoid a lengthy commute, and spend more time with family.

We are an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and seek to process all applicants in a fair and consistent manner.

Are you a qualified applicant? Keep reading to find out!

Any applicant or household living in one of these workforce apartment homes can earn up to the following annual incomes.

 1-person household may earn up to $53,000 annually 

 2-person household may earn up to $60,600 annually

 3-person household may earn up to $68,150 annually

 4-person household may earn up to $75,700 annually

 5-person household may earn up to $81,800 annually

∙ 6-person household may earn up to $87,850 annually

∙ 7-person household may earn up to $93,900 annually

Income Verification:

2 months of consecutive current bank statements. 

4 consecutive pay stubs.

∙ 2 years of tax returns.

What Do I Need to Pre-Qualify?

To begin the application, please present the following documents:

 Complete application for every household member 18 years of age and older;

 Income Verification items listed above; and

 Additional documents that may be required depending on each person's individual income and assets.


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